Friday, December 29, 2023

 GI AY-3-8610

Ball and Paddle games

GI 7945


(C) 1977 G.I. CORP.

I was a little concerned about getting a counterfeit, but it is definitely a GI chip.  It has the same number on the die as AY-3-8600, but the layer revisions are all L, whereas the revisions on the AY-3-8600 I decapped were all J.

I compared the dies and found 5 areas with changes.  I created two GIMP XCFs with the 2 dies in layers, and a third layer with circles around the changed areas.  I also uploaded jpgs because the XCFs are so large:

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  1. So the ay-3-8600 and the ay-3-8610 are the same die (80-30310) but with a different revision, J and L respectively. So we can confirm that both contain the two "rifle" games, but only in the ay-3-8610 the rifle games are easily selectable (using the pin 22) and in the ay-3-8600 they are not. However, some console manufacturers had found ways to activate/select the rifle games even with the ay-3-8600. Very interesting, thank you.