Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ball and Paddle games

Coleco Telstar Arcade Cart 1

MPS 7600
002 2777



  1. Wow amazing
    The rom program inside can be extract?

  2. Good work man! It will be emulated soon right? I heard that this chip have a rom and are impossible for to emulate and are in mess dump list for 11 years. But i think that not is impossible, consoles like nintendo wii u can to be emulated and the emulation of a console from 1977 are impossible

  3. I've been looking at this fascinating chip recently in my spare time. The program ROM (lower left) looks like it uses a 13-bit word, with four of the bits used less often than others. It has an 8-bit address, so 256 words possible can be stored. I think this is an entirely unique register-only microcontroller, with some of the registers hooked up to video gen circuitry.

    The rectangle in the middle is probably a character/shape ROM, I don't get how the characters are stored in it yet though.

    The reason this has not been emulated yet is that documentation has been lost to time, plus it has only been used in two consoles (Telstar Arcade cart 1 & Commodore 2000K) I wasn't even able to find a pinout after searching online for a while.

    Well, I don't back down from a challenge like this. We'll crack it someday.